Volume too low on YouTube videos? Here’s how to fix that!

Have you ever come across a YouTube video with poor audio levels? Well, I’ve been there!

I’ve found the best tutorials on YouTube but some of them are really hard to follow because of the bad audio levels.

You know it’s really bad when the video is inaudible even after setting the computer’s volume and youtube player’s volume to 100%.

In this case, there’s one way to fix it. And this fix is under the assumption that you’ve installed VLC player in your computer.

  1. Open the YouTube video in your browser
  2. Copy the URL of this video
  3. Open VLC player
  4. Click on File > Open Network
  5. Paste the URL
  6. Click on Open

And that’s it, you’re now running a YouTube video in the VLC player!

If you’re wondering – “How does this solve the audio issue?” then all you need to do is increase the volume in the VLC player. This works well because VLC allows the volume to go above 100%. I keep it somewhere between 100 to 150. Just saying!

I hope this works for you and thanks for reading 🙂

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