One small tip for Beginner Bloggers – Content is the King

I started blogging in 2011 I guess. My first blog (or first few blogs) were on Blogspot and WordPress (free plans obviously). Then I moved to a self-hosted blog (paid hosting) in July 2012. I made plenty of mistakes there and learned from them. In this post, I’ll share my one mistake. 🙂

When I made my first blog on Blogspot, I was curious and excited to customize it, change the layout, add a facebook likebox, etc. I did all of those things and learned a lot about XML, HTML, CSS, and JS.

But this is not “why” I started blogging in the first place. I was learning and exploring things which would help me make my blog look better.

And my obsession with the blog’s look and feel made me switch to a self-hosted WordPress blog. On the self-hosted site, I could customize “everything”.

Again, I focussed too much on the design and made it look better, I made it load faster and I optimized it for search engines by reading up some SEO tips and tricks.

But I never started blogging to do any of this! If I look back and think about it, I spent a lot less time writing blogs, but I spent way too much time, energy and effort to customize it.

Now I know exactly why I started blogging – Back in 2009, I used to help people on Orkut to fix their computer issues. But when this task became repetitive (like 10 people asking help for the same issue), I started writing my solution in notes (or community, I don’t remember what it was called..but you get the point!).

At some point, someone asked me to start writing a blog. And that’s how I started blogging. But I lost the way and dug way too deep into web development stuff and started customizing things.

I don’t regret doing that because it helped me acquire new skills. But I should’ve also focussed on the writing part. So I’d like to conclude the post with this one line –

When it comes to blogging, Content is the King.

Now I’ve moved back from my self-hosted blog to this one, which is hosted on (free plan). Why did I do that? I’ll save that topic for the next post. 🙂

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