How to install WordPress on localhost using XAMPP?

This is the WordPress beginner stuff that every WP developer must know. You can say this is probably the very first step in the journey of WordPress development.

Because once you know how to run WordPress on localhost (on your computer), you can do all the customization that you want to do. You can develop themes, plugins, etc. You will basically get access to edit each and every file in the WordPress directory.

Note that this tutorial is for Mac OS X users. If you’re on Windows, you should search for “How to install WordPress on Windows?”

  1. Download XAMPP
  2. Download WordPress and extract it (wordpress folder appears)
  3. Install XAMPP
  4. Copy (CMD+C) wordpress folder
  5. Open Finder > Click on Go Menu > Applications > XAMPP > htdocs
  6. Paste (CMD+OPT+V) WordPress folder in htdocs
  7. Run XAMPP (Applications > XAMPP > manager-osx)
  8. Click on Manager Servers tab and hit start all
  9. A dialog box appears – do you want to accept incoming connections? Click on allow
  10. Open web browser and type localhost/wordpress in the address bar
  11. Hit enter
  12. WordPress installation screen appears 🙂

Once you complete WP installation, you will be directed to the front page of the site. That’s how you get WP running on localhost! 🙂

WordPress installation documentation can be found here. And if you run into permission issues on Mac OS X, then this post can help you! 😀

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