How to connect to a Wireless Printer?

I have HP Deskjet 2540 printer. It’s a wireless printer. And when I got this one, I had no idea about how to configure a wireless printer.

I guess most people will have no idea about it like I didn’t. So I’ll write this post to make it easy for people looking for answers.

Before I start, note that I’m not an expert on Wireless printers, I’ve no idea about every kind of wireless printer. But I’m pretty sure this tutorial will work for most wireless printers out there. So let’s start!

Most of the wireless printing happens by connecting your printer and your computer to the same WiFi network. So the only thing you actually need to do is connect your printer to the WiFi network.

To connect your printer to the WiFi network, you’d need to configure your printer by selecting the network and entering the WiFi password. But you can’t do that if your printer doesn’t have a keypad, right?

So you’ll need a cable to connect your computer to the printer and then you’d be able to configure it. Plus you’d need the right software (usually found on the printer’s website). For my printer, I use something called HP Utilities.

Long story short (TL;DR)

Connect your printer to your computer using a cable. Download the drivers/utility software. Open it and configure your printer to connect to the WiFi network. Once that’s done, just go ahead and print a test page.

The only part which sucks about this whole thing is that you ‘need’ a wire (cable) before you can go wireless!

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