How to transfer music to iPhone via iTunes?

Transferring music to iPhone can be confusing if you’re coming from Android or Windows. But it’s not that hard if you get the basics clear.

There are two music libraries which you should keep in mind, one is iTunes music library on your computer and another one is iTunes music library on your iPhone.

  1. iTunes library on Computer – called Songs
  2. iTunes library on Mobile (iPhone) – called Music (Devices > Your iPhone > Music)
Notice the  ‘Songs’ and the ‘Music’ option in this screenshot

The idea (in short) is to connect your iPhone to the computer. Open iTunes. Enable Music Sync for the connected iPhone.

Move (drag/drop) music files in Songs. Click on Sync and done. The music files will appear in Devices > Your iPhone > Music. And of course they’ll also appear in your iPhone.

If that’s confusing, here’s a step by step explanation of the same –

Step by Step Explanation

  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes and click on the phone icon


2. Go to Music and enable sync. Click on apply and done.


3. Click on the back button and go to Songs library.


  1. Drag and drop any music file here.
  2. Click on the phone icon again and then press the sync button.
  3. Check your iPhone’s music app. You’ll see the music in the library tab.

This is how you transfer music from your Computer to iPhone using iTunes. This is kinda confusing but it’s easy once you understand how it works 🙂

Again, the idea is to move music files in Computer’s music library and sync it with iPhone’s music library. Once you get that, the whole thing is a piece of cake 😀

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