How I Make Doodle Videos?

If you’re wondering how I make the doodle videos on my YouTube channel(s), then this is the perfect post for you.

The Idea

The idea is really simple. Imagine recording yourself on camera while sketching something on paper. Then you speed up the recorded video footage to match with the narration or the voiceover (which is recorded separately). Continue reading

Running The First JAVA Program

I plan to share my computer science knowledge on this blog whenever I get some free time on my hands. So this is the first post where I will explain how to get started with JAVA.

Note – This post is for someone who is a complete beginner and want to learn JAVA from the ground up.

Check if JDK is Installed

First check if JDK is installed on your computer. Open terminal and type javac.


If the terminal gets flooded with javac usage information then JDK is installed. If it’s not installed, read the next section below. Else skip to the third section of this post. Continue reading

How To Check If Your Operating System is 32bit or 64bit?

Everyone who uses a computer eventually runs into this question. So I want to write this post to create one page solution for the top 3 operating systems out there.

Mac OS X

If your operating system is Mac OS X, then just open the terminal (CMD+Spacebar and type terminal). Then type the command given below and it’ll return the result as 64 or 32.

getconf LONG_BIT

This is how it looks like when I execute that command on my Macbook Air. Continue reading

Two Tips To Stay Productive At Work

Staying productive is such a difficult thing to do, especially for those who work from home. And also for those who are always connected to the Internet.

There are n number of distractions that just pop up when you decide to sit and complete a task. Someone calls you, you get that Instagram notification, your fingers automatically open a new tab and type f which autocompletes to Facebook and then you spend 4 hours on pointless memes or you just decide to watch cat videos on YouTube. Continue reading