My Keyboard Setup For Macbook Pro 13″

I’m fine using the new Apple butterfly keyboard on Macbook 13″ 2017 but I feel so much more comfortable on the older keyboard or an external keyboard.

I have tried using my external keyboard with my laptop by placing it on top of the in-built keyboard but it would press a key under it and create a conflict.

To fix this, I needed a way to disable the in-built keyboard while an external keyboard was connected.

I was able to achieve this using a software called Karabiner. Here’s a screenshot of the setting I used:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 6.52.26 PM

And here’s what my setup looks like:


Of course this is not my permanent setup and I can always switch between keyboards when I like (which is great) 🙂

4 Replies to “My Keyboard Setup For Macbook Pro 13″”

    1. because the butterfly keyboard is no good to me and several others (as you can see from our internal indiamattic discussion hehe).


      1. lol of course! I prefer it to be on top of my laptop so I can view my screen better (at the correct distance).


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