My Work

On this page, I’ve tried to put together a list of all the work I’ve done so far. I have worked on videos, websites, blogs and plenty of other projects. This list is not complete but I’ll keep updating it over time.

MinuteEarth Videos

I work with the MinuteEarth team as an Illustrator and Video Editor. Here’s a list of all the videos I’ve created with them 🙂

  1. Why Do Rivers Have Deltas?
  2. Epigenetics: Why Inheritance Is Weirder Than We Thought
  3. How Risky Are Vaccines?
  4. We’re Oversalting Our Food, And It’s Not What You Think
  5. Why Are There Dangerous Ingredients In Vaccines?
  6. Plate Tectonics Explained
  7. How to Build a Better City
  8. Why is it Hot Underground?
  9. How To Date A Planet

The Curious Engineer Videos

This is where I create explainer videos using the power of Illustrations.

  1. Thanks for Support
  2. Why I don’t make YouTube videos anymore
  3. How Fireworks Work?
  4. Your deleted file still exists
  5. How does HTTPS provide Encryption?
  6. Tribute to APJ Abdul Kalam
  7. Can magnets damage computers?
  8. Why do we add leap seconds?
  9. The Great Filter
  10. Where Is Everybody?
  11. How did early Sailors navigate the Oceans?
  12. Is Blue hotter than Red?
  13. Can we drink Seawater?
  14. How An Aircraft Is Tracked
  15. What is Parallax?
  16. How do we measure the diameter of the Sun
  17. The Science Of Ski Jumping
  18. ISRO’s Mars Orbiter Mission In A Nutshell
  19. How Touchscreen Works [Remake]
  20. Why our Finger Pads Wrinkle when exposed to Water?
  21. Why is the Sky Blue and not Violet?
  22. What is Random Access Memory (RAM)
  23. Why Birds Don’t Get Shocked When They Perch On Power Lines?
  24. Smart Grid Technology
  25. How Does Hardware and Software Communicate?
  26. How Browser Fetches A Web Page
  27. How Google Search Works
  28. Meaning Of Pi
  29. Why Facebook Photos Are Uploaded To ?
  30. Mystery Of Floaters
  31. Difference Between Viruses, Worms and Trojans
  32. What is Hacking?
  33. How Important are Megapixels in a Camera?
  34. What is a Graphic Card?
  35. How Touchscreen works
  36. Flat Earth Theory
  37. Why is Bluetooth called Bluetooth?
  38. Why do Mirrors reverse left and right but not up and down?
  39. Why do astronauts feel weightless?
  40. Feeling lonely? Give yourself some Spacebar!
  41. Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs – Who Has Lasting Legacy?

WisdmLabs Articles

I’ve written few articles for the awesome guys (Rohan and Muzzammil) at WisdmLabs. It was fun working with them.

  1. Add a custom title or image logo to your WordPress theme
  2. Installing WordPress on the webhost
  3. Get webhosting and install wordpress on the webhost 
  4. Fetching the comments count on Single post
  5. Difference between and
  6. How to create a link to current category in WordPress
  7. Forgot WordPress password – Reset MD5 hash with phpMyAdmin
  8. How to install WordPress on localhost